perfect secrecy chatter

Idea is a small instant messenger on console. For simplicity e.g. implemented with perl. Take the mersenne-twister already coded in the source section under perl and feed it with random numbers that the sender and the recipient know. To keep the twister synchronized on both sides a index must be stored to jump to the correct position after connection lost or new chat session. For not every time compute the whole sequence we store the last value and index and the random values in the array of the mersenne twister. That is kind of risky but if one knows these numbers she could also take knowledge of the initial values. The perfect secrecy concerns the man-in-the-middle-attack not the one who probably sits already in one of the hosts of communication.

We need 624 initial values for the mersenne twister. 624 * 32-bit values results in 1.5 mb of data. We reduce the transfered data between communication partners if each determine 312 values. Then each sends its data to the other which should could do parallel via a full duplex connection. Afterwards we start the twister and communication.

Openmp implementation of Square-and-multiply and afterwards Miller-Rabin-Primality-Test

Until now the status is only the idea. I have implemented these things in perl but not in C with OpenMP. That will be the next stage. I hope I'll find the time for this soon.

I found pre-work here.

chat client for Linux/Windows

mx manager

An application to configure a couple of drivers and its data. You can add and edit driver data and their results. The results are given in different ways like gtk-view, pdf, html generation. The complete way for giving points for different places is configureable.

driver community

some site similar to one of these which appear each day


php script for counting on msc site changes to an perl script on
then the picture can easily generated




For the transition period we need a function to translate mdb to xml and vice versa.

  1. create asp page to generate xml file from mdb tables (e.g. first only for drivers)
  2. gtk to manipulate xml file offline
  3. adjustments are necessary to include not only in the xml file but in the mdb file. For that reason we need also a reversal function. (not if change takes place in winter break)

STATUS: first mdb2xml asp page has been created. Now for testing we need an application. Tests were made with minigw envirement and glade creation of the dialog. That was awesome and without changes runable under linux as well as unter windows.

The online/offline problem should be solved by a own version managment. A copy of the xml file that is online will be copied to a hidden sub folder and if the user wants to upload changes that were made offline the actual file will be compared with the stored online version. Data that has changed is going to upload. That prevents expensive upload bandwith with data that is already online. The difference can be recognized with a unique timestamp in every data unit.

The first step should be done only once. Afterwards the drivers have an unique id. If we behave like before the result reader will create new driver if it does not find the name he currently reads. That step has to be changed to prevent inconsistency. The result reader must throw an exception if an unknown driver occures and then the change has to be made in xml file, changes move through translation to mdb file and afterwards the driver will be known and the result file can be read.

SUMMARY: creation of a asp2xml page


change counter page with set of a cookie to prevent same user increase counter each time he access the site


route finder as on the kleinhau page but with all race places


information archive contains old files although information article had been deleted. tests necessary


A function is necessary which uploads the driver xml file to the internet where the main version of this file lies.


done FIXED