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Constant pointers or constant pointee

const char*
constant character sequence
  char* const
constant pointer
  const char *const
constant pointer to constant sequence of characters

The 50 rules from Scott Meyers for effective programming in C++:

  1. prefer const or inline instead #define (strange compiler errors due to text replacing of the preprocessor)
  2. prefer <iostream> instead <stdio.h> (no type testing with stdio)
  3. prefer new and delete instead of malloc and free (are only called by constructors and destructors)
  4. prefer C++ comments not the C /* */ due nesting error possibilities

A chapter that is often under estimated:

templates in c++

 template <class T> bool reange( T value, T min, T max) {
   return value >= min && value <= max;
that is for the compiler. It save these structure for later use.
 bool result = range(5,1,10);
the compiler generates automatically a function with the template above.
 bool range( int value, int min, int max) {
  return value >=min  &&  value <= max;


    Base b;
    Derived& rd = dynamic_cast<Derived&>(b);
  catch (std::bad_cast& bc)
          std::cerr << "bad_cast caught: " << bc.what() << std::endl;